How to grant Cross AWS Account Access Resource by resource-based policies in microservices

Recently, our payment service is building with serverless Event-Driven Architecture with SNS, SQS, and lambda function, this will support the Event callback with core payment event service (the following will show as core event service), and this core event service are integration muli-purchase 3rd vendor to one interface.

When a user has subscriptions behavior in our platform, each action send to 3rd party vendor, the 3rd party vendor will create an Event to core event service, and the core event service send the callbacks Event to project payment service’s SNS, for the final process, project service need provide a cross VPC account access SNS grants to core Event service:

3rd vendor --(callback event)--> core event service --(callback event)--> project

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How Manage Aws Ecs Sensitive/Non-Sensitive Environment Variables

When developing an APP in ECS, We need to pass the environment variables to the tasks container.

Because we have sensitive and non-sensitive environment variables, so we need to take care in choosing the policy.

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Troubleshoot on AWS Elb Return 5xxs Error: 504 Gateway Timeout

We have a service that sometimes got a 504 Gateway Time-Out response from ELB( actually is CLB).

When investigating the root cause, we found out that CLB’s 3 instances are normal in the current two weeks, and the 504 time-outs happened in CLB.

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What different key features between Http1 Http2 Http3?

In this article, we will introduce the main key features of HTTP 1.0, HTTP 1.1, HTTP 2.0, and HTTP 3.0.


HTTP1.0 was published in 1996 and already obsoleted.

In HTTP1.0, each request needs to make TCP 3-way-handshake connection, which means will high cost for time-consuming and low efficiency.

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Getting Start install Gitlab Runner in AWS EC2 and Regist

In this article is a tutorial to get started with GitLab Runner, will show you how to install runner in AWS EC2 and registrations to GitLab.

Before you start, you need to make sure local with the following configuration:

  • login AWS CLI
  • Docker
  • nodejs

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Develop and Debug Aws Lambda Function in Local by Vscode


AWS SAM CLI is a AWS CLI tool that allows you to develop, test and analysis your application in the local environment.

In MAC environment, install SAM tool by brew:

brew tap aws/tap
brew install aws-sam-cli
sam --version

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Getting Started With Tmux

Tmux install and quickly start

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer that can run multiple programs in one terminal. There is powerful to manage several programs in the remote server in one terminal, and using the session to attach or detach them. A prefix is an advanced tool that supports split windows and quick short keys.

That’s getting the start for how to using tmux. Here will showing common usage about tmux.

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