Flutter - How to solve VSCode not show iOS simulator device

When running Xcode and iOS simulator, open VSCode does not show the iOS device but has Android emulator options.

How to show iOS simulator in VSCode?

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Flutter - How to solve the error of Unable to load asset for local images

Why unable to load asset for local images and how to load local images

How to solve the problem of “another exception was thrown: Unable to load asset:” in flutter?

Here is the step for flutter how to load local images:

First, for use asset image in local, image location should be add in pubsec.yaml

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Getting start with Dart before Flutter

Flutter tutorial: Getting start with Dart

Dart is created by Google in 2011, and can be use for web, server, mobile, and IoT, also can be use to develop Flutter.

Here we will present a quickly short guid for let you understand what is Dart and how to use it. For more detail about Dart can reference tour of basic Dart program.

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Install flutter in mac and build first project

This tutorial will demonstrate how to install flutter in Mac and build the first app with Xcode.

To install flutter and develop the app, we need to check environment meet minimum requirements

  • Disk space: 2.8 G
  • macOS 64-bit
  • Xcode

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